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    SMART D-Net simply enables you, wherever you are,
    to have access to the highest quality of MCI training.
    Our multi media package allows you, at your own pace,
    to improve your knowledge & preparedness in MCI response
    Effective, Cloudbased training
    from the world leaders
    in Multiple Casualty Incident Management.

Enhance your MCI Response training today

This cloud based training will revolutionise your approach to training.
Providing you a CloudBased training record for all your personnel.

Easy To Get Started

Simply email us for a quotation

Licenses start from as low as $8/£6

As soon as your account is set up you can monitor your staff training from your phone

Browser Compatibility

Our Innovative training package is compatible with all leading browsers

The SMART D-Net Program provides an online course for first responders, EMTs and paramedics. This interactive program is ideal for individuals or EMS agencies who want to increase their knowledge, training and preparedness in Multiple Casualty Incident (M.C.I.) response. As well as teaching triage and being presented with a virtual incident with casualties to triage and treat. SMART D-Net will equip the student with the right skills to control, organise and manage an M.C.I.


Stacked with benefits SMART D-Net will be loved by trainers and students alike.

Create Groups of students
Arrange all of your students into groups for easy administration. You can easily manage a groups of students as they study.
Create SubManagers
Delegate the administration of a large group of students between a number of sub managers so that each individual has the optimum number of students to take care of.
Monitor Student Activity
See all student activity within your group. View access dates and times, course progress, assessment attempts and more!
Manage Results
With SMART D-Net, you can monitor student’s assessment scores. Allowing you to select individuals and review their performance.
Anytime, Anywhere
SMART D- Net is completely cloud based. This means that it can be accessed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.
Self-Paced Study
SMART D-Net is self-driven. This means that students can take the course at a time and place that suits them. And if they need to break off, SMART D-Net will remember where they left off!
Time and Cost Efficient
SMART D-Net can greatly reduce the time it takes to train large organizations. Delivery and administration costs are dramatically lower than class room training.
Adaptive Management Site
SMART D-Nets adaptive management site can be viewed on your phone, tablet & desktop, allowing managers to keep on top of their students even when they are out of the office!

Our Pricing Plans

Choose a pricing plan, or request a free trial


Free Trials of 5 licences can be arranged for organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of SMART D-Net. We are happy to do this because we KNOW you will love it!


Buy as many Student records as you need and each student will be able to access the training once.


We will calculate an annual subscription based on the size of your organization and our helpful team will get you set up and run training for your managers to get you up and running.

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